ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection

ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection 2.2

Play classic Spectrum games on your iPhone


  • Six games included
  • Nice retro Spectrum look and sound
  • Lots of further development promised


  • Commodore 64 was better!
  • Controls can be fiddly


The ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection brings the classic 80s home computer to the iPhone, with six incuded games, and a further six in a free future update.

The excellent Commodore 64 app has opened up the possibilities for long-dead computing platforms to be reborn on the iPhone, and the legions of Spectrum fans should be excited about ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection.

The main interface starts with a Spectrum 128 feel, but you can change that for the 48k version if you're really old school. Navigation around ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection is very much standard for an iPhone app, making it easy to use.

Playing games is simple, and each one comes with instructions, and controls suited to the game itself. You can play in landscape or portrait mode - which both have pros and cons depending on the game. Either way, while they are well done, touch-screen controls simply aren't ideal for these keyboard and joystick classics, something that ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection cannot help.

The games included are Turbo Esprit, Saboteur, Chickie Egg, Harrier Attack, Frank Bruno's Boxing and racing title Buggy Boy. Be warned, if you are a newcomer to Spectrum gaming, you'll be shocked by how slow and awkward everything is with ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection. For fans and the nostalgic however, there's a lot to love here, and it's a great emulation.

Relive your rubber-keyboard childhood with this collection of 8-bit retro classics in the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection.

New games added


  • New games added
ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection


ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection 2.2

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